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Ask a Cheap Hussy, everyone's favorite guide to love, lust, and all things wet and sticky.



Good evening my darlings... the pleasantries of the evening have been set aside to spend a bit of time helping the confused and love lorn amongst us.

We have all suffered from the confusion of love and desire, and perhaps lust? This evening, we delve into the worlds of the confused to help them see their way into a long lasting loving relationship. And as you read through my advice, perhaps you will find you have a question or two for me. 

You can send any of your woes or comments to me at:

Dear Hussy:

I've been on three dates with this guy. On the third date he brought up past relationships and stuff while we were talking over dinner. He mentioned that he'd had both male and female ex's. Now every time we go out and i catch him looking around I can't help but think if he's looking at other men? Am I paranoid? Should I be able to let this go? Should I talk to him about it, or will that ruin our relationship by offending him?

Bi-curious, Seattle, WA

Bi-curious or in this case, I believe that close-minded is a better name, often we find that there is a stigma attached to those who enjoy the pleasures of same sex relations. It seems to be a common misconception that because the person likes people of the same gender, there is more to worry about. What difference does it make if he is looking at another man or another woman? Do you think that just because he is bi-sexual, he is more likely to cheat on you than a straight man? If he really matters to you, you should ask him. But realize that this could damage any budding romance, as it shows your lack of trust in him. If he is with you, it is because you are the one he wants. It is no different for him than it is for any other man, bi or straight. Make up your mind as to whether you are willing to open your mind and keep him, or close your mind and run from the things that are unfamiliar to you.

Dear Cheap Hussy:

I have been dating this girl for 6 months. I recently found out from a friend that she's done some nude photography, and that it's up on the Internet. If my family or friends found out I'd be so embarrassed. It makes me feel weird about her now. I want to be okay with it, but finding out from someone else instead of her, is something I'm having trouble getting over. What do you think I should do? She says the pictures were taken a while ago, and that she doesn't pose anymore.

Paul, Atlanta, GA

So, you have found that your girlfriend has some skeletons in the closet.  Does that change her at all? So, she posed nude. Many people do this. Why, even I have posed in the nude. Does this shock you? The human body is something that you should worship, not be embarrassed of. If the thought of her having nude pictures on the internet truly offends you, you should explain to her that it makes you uncomfortable. And here is a hint, tell her it makes you jealous to think of anyone else viewing the beautiful body that you love now. Request that she remove the pictures from the internet site, if possible. But please remember that you can only request this, not demand it. Her past belongs to her and only to her. If she is unwilling to remove the pictures, or you are unwilling to accept that part of her past, then perhaps this love affair was not meant to be.

So ends an evening of questions and comments. Love is so very confusing, is it not? But I shall leave you with my little words of wisdom to mull over and make your decisions for yourself. Life is not set, so enjoy all the difference between us. Remember, I am here to answer all of your questions.

Just send them to

--The Cheap Hussy






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