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Public Enemies
Just another chance for us to rant about what we hate


04.00   "The Whole Kosovo Thing" 

This month, one of our friends and readers from New Mexico gets a bit political...

I know this is late…that it happened last year and all, but what really pissed me off was the whole Kosovo thing.  First, big sympathetic and sincere Bill Clinton, the same guy who set such a profound example of responsibility and moral behavior to our country’s children with his blow jobs and cigars, gets on TV saying that the U.S. is going overseas to stop the killings in Kosovo (and surrounding area). Big brave NATO is going to save the day. Blah, blah,  blah with this bullshit he pushes about humanitarian intervention, and how we need to maintain a position of moral leadership.  After Bill and Madaline Albright are done propagating their motives, the public is left with a clueless picture of what has happened, and what is going to happen.

Meanwhile, I was in the military when all this happened, so I heard all the ignorance of high and tight comments about how we are going to “kill 'em all”, and “teach them a lesson."  It seemed as if half those pea-brained blue-suiters didn’t even know where Kosovo was or why they even thought we were going there (hidden agendas are even easier on the military robots, righting off there consciences for “protecting their country”. )

If we were there to save lives, where was the humanitarian intervention in Rwanda in 1994? (This is where actual genocide took place…500,000 dead, and US officials even prohibited its officials from using the term “genocide” to describe the situation.)  What about the Kurds, who are murdered daily?  I don’t recall anything major in an effort to prevent that either.  It seems that since Turkey is our business buddy and global positioning partner, we can accept the killing of their unwanted. The list goes on and on -- Nicaragua, Grenada, Columbia, all of these atrocities but not near the effort --inconsistency and bad propaganda. What it looks like to me is, that the US and NATO needed something to make an example out of, to show the world what we can do (so don’t mess with us). Test new weapons, justify larger military expenditures, protect big business interests (what really seemed to make an impression on me), etc.  Keeping the area secure keeps business operations secure as well. 

So what’s left?  An undermined UN foreign policy, a devastated Yugoslavian and Kosovan landscape (not to mention all of the buildings, bridges, SCHOOLS, and houses that were destroyed), vastly more dead bodies, and money wasted on weapons usage and testing that I could have built my own fucking university with. I think they are all a bunch of greedy, malicious, ass kissin' robots. Business/NATO drove the effort, business drove the news, people weren’t informed correctly. Or at least, that’s what I got out of it.

Albuquerque, NM







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