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Spend your allowance the Sparechange Way! 



This month, Lady K gives you the heads up on some cheap shopping finds!

So I just bought a new car.  Well, it's new to me, anyway.  So now, after almost a year without a car payment, I find myself back on the path to budgets and calculators.  I found myself clipping coupons this week.  I am a sad, sad girl.

In my attempt to be frugal, I have lessened my usual impulse purchasing, and have limited my spending to things that are on sale, or things I need to survive.  I have a feeling this column may actual get better with my new lifestyle.  Hmm.

This month I found a couple of good CD's for cheap.  I picked up the Weezer self-titled album at Best Buy for $6.99.  Though I have never been a fan of Weezer, nor would I really consider myself one now, I was really impressed with their set at two recent live shows, and figured for 7 bucks I'd give it a whirl.  7 bucks ain't bad for a bit of nerd rock.

At Borders I was lucky enough to pick up a killer rockabilly compilation for $9.99.  It's called "A Capitol Rockabilly Party, Volume 1."  I remember when this came out a few months back, but I never got around to picking it up then.  But I saw it in the store the other night, and flipped the back cover to find a whole slew of original favorites from Capitol Records recording artists like Wanda Jackson, and two songs by one of my all-time favorites, Jerry Reed.  And it's not your same old rockabilly comp with the same 10 songs you hear over and over again just put on the disk in a different order.  This is the good stuff.  Lots of old country tunes and hillbilly influenced tracks.  I hope to get a review for this album up next month, so keep your eyes out for that, and in the meantime, go score yourself one of the best comps on the market.

In addition to my music finds, I did a little shoe shopping this month as well.  When I was in Indianapolis for the Rockabilly Rebel Weekender in June, I saw a number of ladies with fabulous wedgie espadrilles on.  They weren't the flat ones either.  These had a good 2 inches of height and tied up the leg.  Very forties.  Very fabulous.  I about shit myself when my friend Sue told me she got them through the Newport News catalog.  And for $14.99 no less.  I hopped on the Newport News website (since I don't get the calendar)  and found a whole bunch of sandals and shoes that could work with my vintage outfits.  Of course, there was a bunch of hideous stuff too, but you always gotta pick through the weeds to find the good stuff.  I got two pairs, one in white and one in brown, since those were the only two colors left in my size.  Happy shopping!

Total:  $46.96

--Lady K









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