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11.00 Gas Attack 

Looking for ways to slack at work, ignore the kids, monopolize the computers at the public library?  Well faithful readers, look no further than Sparechange Magazine's almighty Time Suck Award.  These sites are guaranteed to entertain far longer than your average web site.  Oh, and they don't suck ass.. just time!

Christmas/Chanukah/Solstice/Jule/Kwanzaa/New Year’s is just around the corner. The Duchess is considering her Thanksgiving plans and may just give up and go for sushi. In the spirit of over-eating and over-indulgence to celebrate the most American of holidays, I present the following TimeSuck for November 2000.

  TIMESUCK:  Gas Attack

This is so gauche, so wrong and so much fun! Attacked by evil aliens (I’m suspecting that they’re Black ‘Lectroids), fart your way to freedom! Destroy the legions of bad guys through your mastery of methane.


Sites that are interesting, but they don't suck!
Chick Publications

If you’ve never been handed one of these amazing tracts, you’re in for a rare treat. Designed to make salvation available and desirable for the masses, this site has graphic examples of the Wages of Sin. And, best of all, under the “Things To Do” section, you can actually meet Jesus. How many sites promise an actual meeting with the Christian deity?
Want to feel like a petty (and I don’t mean the pin-up guy) deity? Some guys in New York hooked up their apartment’s heating and cooling controls to a web server. That means that you can control how hot or cold their apartment gets. You can also control the lights in their living room and watch your power on the web cam.

--The Duchess, 
your goddess of Timesuck

 -- The Duchess





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