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04.01 -- 
The Blue Room
916 S. San Fernando Blvd

Burbank, CA 91502
818) 849-2779 phone

It's Thursday night, there's not a show in town, and but you're itchin' to go out.  For those who don't live in the Los Angeles area, you might think LA is oozing with stuff to do every night.  Having recently moved here, I can attest that this is not the case.

So what's a devil doll like me to do in the great city of angels when there isn't a show or cruise night?  I head straight over to my favorite watering hole, the Blue Room.

Step inside the metal door, and you feel like you've been instantly transported back to your grandmother's basement in 1960.  Low lighting, blue vinyl tuck and roll booths,  and matching rolling chairs, mirrored walls, an all the free pretzels you can munch.  

There's no cover, the drinks are cheap, and the jukebox has everything from gangster rap to punk rock, to vintage country.  Truly something for everyone.  In the back of the bar by the parking lot is a nice patio area where smokers can still drink while they puff, and giant heat lamps keep things warm on even the coolest of nights.  And if the decor and cheap drinks weren't enough for ya, the Blue Room has to have the cleanest damn ladies room I have ever seen!  Marble bathroom stalls, marble sinks, giant mirrors.  It's like pissing at  Donald Trumps!

Captain Ron, who seems to be tending bar just about every time I'm there, always treats me right.  The drinks are more liquor than mixer, and I've become such a regular that my favorite drink is always in front of me before I can get my coat off.  My favorite waitress, old enough to be my grandmother, with a black smock on, delivers the drinks with attitude.  Ask her about the gaudy "J" broche on her smock, and she'll say "what are you drinkin', jackass!"  Now that's customer service!

Up until recently, you could show up to the Blue Room on a Friday or Saturday night and walk right in.  It was comfortably crowded, but never mobbed.  However, recent press in GQ Magazine has got LA buzzing about the place, so there has been some waiting on the weekend nights.  The recent buzz also has attracted more of your local yuppie bar crowd on those nights.  Disappointing, but hopefully once the buzz dies down, the Blue Room will once again be ours for the taking. :) 

-- Lady K



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