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Who's behind the scenes?


Lady K
Baltimore, MD

Katti Ehoff

Favorite Drink: Amaretto sours 



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Tank Gyrl
Los Angeles, CA

Laurie Goldfarb
Founder/Photo Editor/

Favorite Drink: "Are you buying?"


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The Syren
Los Angeles, CA
Christine Kier
Staff Writer/Venues/Lifestyle

Favorite Drink:  Chambord Kamakazi


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The Slickkitty
Arlington, VA
Misty Webb

Staff Writer/Consultant

Favorite Drink:  Bar drink...gin & tonic (how cliche), Home drink...pinot noir.


The SlicKitty  More on 
 The Slickkitty






The Duchess
Los Angeles, CA
Glynis Irwin
Staff Writer/Timesuck Editor

Favorite Drink:  A good Chianti Classico Riserva - snooty bitch that I am.


The DuchessMore on
The Duchess



Photo by Jim Chaconas



Hellbent Harlot
Los Angeles, CA
Lisa Ward
PR/ Media Relations

Favorite Drink:  Jack Daniels

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