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The Duchess

Favorite word?
Wisteria. Because it sounds just like it looks – mysterious and wistful.

Least favorite word?
Paradigm. Too many people still use it without a clue to it’s meaning.  

Favorite smell?
The dry, dusty, slightly musty, scent of an old used bookstore.

Least favorite smell?
Any perfume/cologne put on with a fire hose.

Favorite sound? 
The sounds of wind rushing through a spruce grove.              

Least favorite sound?

Favorite curse word?

Job to try?
I’d like to be a fabulously wealthy, yet reclusive, billionaire who fights crime and injustice in her spare time and under an assumed identity. The Duchess, scourge of despots, despoiler of evil, savior of kittens caught in trees!

I think I read too many comic books as a child.

Job to NOT try?
Lawyer. I’m just not going to say anything more.

If heaven exists, what would they say upon arrival?
What, again?

Everybody has songs that must be sung whenever they’re heard or songs that pop, unbidden, into your head at the oddest times. Here are my “compulsion” songs:

            Any Elvis
            Any Doors
            Any Patsy Cline
            Ode to Joy – Beethoven
            King of the Road – Roger Miller
            Perfect Day – Lou Reed
            Sex and Drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll – Ian                     Drury (Rest his soul!)
            Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen
            Volare – Dean Martin
            Should I Stay or Should I Go – Clash
            Respect – Aretha
            Summer Breeze – Type O Negative
            La Vie en Rose – Edith Piaf
            Angelfuck – The Misfits
            California Dreamin’ – Mamas and                     Papas

The Duchess  The Duchess






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