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Hellbent Harlot

Place of Origin: next to the still

Occupation: Hair Stylist (get me a job in cali someone!) Professional smartass

Marital Status: i drink alone...

Favorite Quote: "I feel sorry for people who don't drink. When they wake up in the morning... that's as good as they're going to feel all day."-Frank Sinatra

Something that has to do with a dumper i'm sure.. and anything GG.. it just depends on the mood!

\m/ \m/

Life Goal: To screw the president.. and make a fortune selling purses with my name on them.. with a special little place for cigars.

Momentary Goal: To get the loot to get there.

Personal Heroes: Marilyn Monroe, Edith Head, Max Factor, Cyndi Lauper 

Most Likely to Be Found: Stressing, on ebay, needing a drink, having a drink. hehe, playing with my 65 dodge.. norma..

Least Likely to be Found: sane, being pleasant, at the mall, up someones ass

Weaknesses: Tofurky Jerky, a good toner, triumphs (rarrrrr), tattooed necks, good hair, makeup, 50s b movies

Favorite Pastimes: Watching Sid and Marty Kroffts stuff, Hanna Barbara cartoons, Cheesy Horror and Porn ;)

Favorite Movies: all bad 50s b horror, Hellraiser, Thunder Road, Clay Pigeons 

Favorite Songs of the Moment: Little Ramona... -BR549 87  Southbound - Wayne "the train" Hancock, anything Billy Idol, and Mad Mad Bad Bad Mamma- Empress of Fur

Hellbent Harlot Hellbent Harlot w/ her pup Heffy...











Hellbent Harlot being goofy...The Harlot being goofy...!






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