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Lady K

Place of Origin: Baltimore, Maryland 

Occupation: Corporate Tool.  (Web designer, and all around "find a way to make this happen yesterday" girl)

Marital Status: Newly single girl, complete with negative bank balance from ex

Favorite Quote: Higher the hair, closer to God

Life Goal: To run my own e-business and work from the comforts of my city high-rise in a foofy bath robe 

Momentary Goal: Figure out how to come up with $2,000 dollars in 10 days to pay off my 1950 Chevy

Personal Heroes:  Janeane Garafolo

Most Likely to Be Found:  Behind a computer, on a road trip, vintage shopping, dancing, cleaning the kitchen, or swiggin' Guinness at a rockin' show.  Can also be found watching Angel on the WB network Tuesday nights

Least Likely to be Found: Financially stable, on vacation, or at the right place at the right time

Weaknesses: Men, anything with cherries on it, sales, chocolate, good music, a fast dance floor 

Favorite Pastimes: Networking for fun and profit, driving her mom's convertible, dancing, shopping, drinking chamomile tea, sleeping in, traveling, procrastinating

Favorite Movies: Better Off Dead, Mall Rats, Truth About Cats & Dogs

Favorite Songs of the Moment: Move A Little Closer  (Collins Kids), Drink for Free (Bovine), Dead Broke Drunk (Highway 13)


Lady K Lady K





Lady K








Lady K with Lucky Devil,   her 1950 Chevy!







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