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The Slickkitty

Place of Origin:
Born and raised in Nebraska, moved to DC Metro Area from North Carolina’s beaches…why?…don’t ask!

Well, currently Graphics Coordinator for a Tradeshow Display Company, but eventually, Forensic Psychologist for the government (because they are the only ones who use them).

Marital Status:

Favorite Quotes: 
“It is not enough to conquer, one must know how to seduce.”  Voltaire

“A weed is a plant out of place.  I find a hollyhock in my cornfield, it’s a weed.  I find it in my yard, it’s a flower.”  Jim Thompson author of The Killer Inside Me

“I am 32 flavors and then some.”  Ani Difranco

Life Goal:
Ph.D. in Forensic Science, To live a life worth bragging about when I’m 70 years old (but too risqué to discuss in front of the grandkids!)

Momentary Goal: 
Get my 1st Degree

Personal Heroes: 
Mae West because she made no apologies for being a strong, sexy woman, Rita Hayworth, Maggie Estep, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Anais Nin, Salvador Dali because he made no apologies for being a lunatic, Kevin Spacey, Tim Roth, Katherine Hepburn because she slapped anyone that said anything she didn’t like and still remained graceful about it

Most Likely to be found:
At school, working out, working in, singing loudly in the Jeep, at parties where questionable things are occurring, smiling, outside, talking to strangers and accepting any candy they offer

Least Likely to be found:
At home, basking in “free time”, eating watermelon or peas, keeping my opinions to myself (NEVER!)

Winks (melt melt), Cadbury Eggs, kittens (I know, gag…can’t help it!)

Favorite Pastimes:
dancing, writing, wrestling (not seriously), acting, passing smart remarks back and forth with friends (or enemies) 

Favorite Movies:
A Fish Called Wanda, The Princess Bride, American Beauty, A Clockwork Orange (although the book is better), Alice in Wonderland, Toy Story 2 (you had to be there) and anything that is really, truly SCARY (which most aren’t).

Favorite Songs at the Moment:
Don’t Phase Me by the Billygoats, Buena by Morphine, Ghost of a Texas Ladies Man by Concrete Blonde, Baby Did a Bad, Bad Thing by Chris Isaak, Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash, The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove by Dead Can Dance, Edge of the World by Faith No More, Mating Call by Cigar Store Indians, I Put the Dick in Dixie and the C**t Back in Country by Hank Williams III, Crane St. Rebels by the Ill Billy Boys and others too numerous to mention.

The Slickkitty  The Slickkitty






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