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The Syren

Place of Origin: 
Libby Montana, Loving life in Los Angeles at the moment…

Check out Tank Gyrl  same schtuff, different day!

Marital Status:
Never been, never gonna…. Looking for mister right now…

Favorite quote:
From childhood’s hour, "I have not been as others were--I have not seen
as others saw." -Edgar Allen Poe  Pretty much sums it up!

Life Goal:
To live life to the point of no return!!

Momentary Goal:
To have fun and not worry too much…

Personal Heroes:
Lenore… Oh, you mean real live ones… ummmm… Dave McKean, Neil Gamain

Most likely to be found:
Dancing, out with my friends, at work, or dancing…

Least likely to be found:
At home cleaning house!!

Favorite Pastimes:
Photography, dancing, reading, rollerblading, hanging out with my friends…

Favorite Movies:
Mallrats, Clerks, Chasing Amy, Armies of Darkness, Labrynth, Legend, Dark City….and many more…

Favorite songs of the moment:
One time for me (Reverend Horton Heat), 
Stagger Lee (Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds), Pennies from Heaven (Legendary Pink Dots), Thinkin’ about you (Kim Lenz)

The Syren The Syren






The Syren






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