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The taNk gYrl

Place of Origin: Silver Spring, MD; currently enjoying the endless summer in the City of Angels, Cali  

Occupation: web support for idiots who can’t figure out how to place orders on e-commerce sites and freelance photographer

Marital Status: dating a boy who takes out the trash…at my house

Favorite Quote: :  “Wherever you go, there you are.”  Buckaroo Bonzai

Life Goal: a house on the beach, a 57 Bel Air in the garage, a dog in the yard, and me and my boy watching the sunset over the ocean from the porch 

Momentary Goal: making enough money to pay off the outstanding debts to family and friends

Personal Heroes:  Annie Leibowitz, Dave Perry, Susan Sarandon

Most Likely to Be Found:  On a road trip, riding shotgun in my boy’s roadster, taking photos at shows, schmoozing with bands, and sucking back Stoli-OJ’s at the Derby in between dances, Sunday nights watching Le Femme Nikita

Least Likely to be Found: at an “industry party”, kissing anyone’s ass, at my mother’s house, winning anything

Weaknesses: tall men with tattoos, hair grease and classic cars, vintage motorcycles, Ben & Jerry’s chocolate fudge brownie, sushi 

Favorite Pastimes: dancing, e-window shopping, lazy Sunday mornings with a good cup of coffee and the newspaper, schmoozing with bands, taking photos at shows, car shows, vintage shopping

Favorite Movies: The Wild One, Tank Girl, Highlander, Roadracers, anything with Gary Oldman in it

Favorite Songs of the Moment: “All I Can Do Is Cry”, Mike Ness, “Train to Nowhere”, Blazing Haley, “Fit To Be Tied”, Kim Lenz, “Big Ten Inch”, Big Time Operator, “Zydeco”, Big Tubba Mista


The taNk gYrl






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