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Miss April, Jessica



Name: Jessica aka "Blondie" 

Age: Old lady, 30! 

Home: El Cerrito, CA (near San Francisco) 

Eyes: Green 

Measurements: 36-30-36 

Occupation: A Dot-Commer for a DSL Company. Customer Service. 

Status: Not married, yet! I have a Great guy, we've been together a year. 

Favorite Bands: Rockabilly all the way! Too many to of my Favorites is 
Charlie Feathers. 

Likes: Root Beer, warm Summer days, The Full Moon, BBQ's, Jesus Shrines, Fish, Jaegermeister, Hot Rods, Fresh Fruit, Mexican Folk art, Flea markets! 

Dislikes: Shitty Drivers, Bad Tattoos, Whiskey, Disney crap, Strip Malls and Fast Food. 

My 15 minutes of fame: 
In David Perry's HOT ROD Book, under Greasers and Dollies driving my old '49 Buick.  (also on the poster for the Opening Party--Go to for the Kozik link-the poster is on page 3. Also see me under "greaseball"  Photos with My chihuahua Pearl! 

Reunited with my Natural Mother on the Maury Povich Show in December 2000. 

Pin-up in the Magazine "Greaser" #4. 

Also as Trixie Trailor trash on the Site: under 
commercial photography-page 1 second row. 

See more of me at :

and : under "Blondie"

Miss April, Jessica



Miss April, Jessica


Miss April, Jessica

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