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This section is still under construction.  Be sure to check back soon for insight, wisdom, and other dribble from The Tart, our Queen of all things Metal!

Offsite Links:

  • Agnostic Front -- NYHC-- If we need to explain this to you, then you REALLY need to visit this site -- get schooled!

  • Armed With Anger - Leeds-based distro, zine, and label run by hardcore ubermensch Rich Corbridge.

  • Colouring Lesson -- Maryland band with lots of talent.

  • Demonspeed– Kickass NYC evil metal-swing band. Hard to describe, easy to enjoy.

  • Dropkick Murphys -- one of the best sites from one of the best bands around.  Let these boys show your how hardcore does it...Boston style!

  • The Ducky Boys– Boston’s own oi boys.

  • The Gadjits -- Punk Rock Hanson!  These kids are awesome!  Talented poppy punky ska stuff.  Great website.

  • Grade – Ontario’s own, easier to love than to categorize.

  • Grey Area – Members of Warzone, Token Entry, Blacktrain Jack play some of the greatest music you will find in this here section of the country.

  • H20 -- H2O more than just a life-sustaining compound, if you don't know this band by now, you're missing out.

  • In Truth – Chicago Hardcore.

  • Lit Lounge -- Good band.  Killer site.  Check out the pics of their Caddys.

  • The Living End -- Great site! Email the band, they really check their mail, and they will write back.  Aussies at their finest. 

  • The Offspring -- Great site.  Be sure to read the tour journal.

  • Reach The Sky– Fast-paced Boston hardcore – see you in the pit!

  • Residence - Hardcore from Ireland that should not be missed.

  • Scissorfight -- Ass Rock from New Hampshire sends white trash shivers down the spine of our Tart.

  • Sick of it All -- Another one we don't need to explain.

  • The Slackers -- Our pals from NYC.  Check their site for pics, tour info, and more.  One of the best traditional ska bands.

  • Thumped - Indie, Punk and Hardcore, etc. in Ireland.  Lots of info about bands you should get to know.

  • Tiger Army -- One of Hell-Cat Records finest!  

  • Trial – Seattle’s greatest commodity – we swear it! A great site, too. Don’t miss it, and don’t miss these guys.

  • Twin Six -- Baltimore boys rock it straight the whiskey they drink.

  • Under the Gun – New York punk rock/hardcore, a three-piece with a big, big sound. A full bag of rock.

  • Vision – NJHC! Vision are back, and the Tart is thrilled.

Want to know more about a topic we don't cover?  Let us know, and we'll add it!

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